How to enable reCaptcha in Odoo 14

I have tried to access the reCaptcha feature in Odoo 14 by configuring it using the site key and secret key. However, I faced many problems. For example, I got from the google reCaptcha page but didn't get the reCaptcha image on my login page. Or, My google Recaptcha response was wrong. Finally, I fixed all my mistakes and everything goes well.

 Here are the steps that I followed:

  • visited this URL: 

  • then added label

  • selected reCaptcha v3 as type

  • added domain (

  • and accepted terms and conditions and clicked on submit button,

  • got site key and secret from there and pasted in odoo.

Do not forget to add your domain

The domain name is very important. You may use sub-domain, no problem, but add your domain fully (even with subdomain).

Enable the Google Recaptcha message in your forms

Google reCaptcha message is disabled by default. So if the user is ok, no message will be shown. 


By doing this, a message will be displayed on forms.


How to enable reCaptcha in Odoo 14
ویراوب ۱۲۳, مصطفی برمشوری 18 August, 2021
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