ERP and Odoo

More businesses nowadays are looking for a solution to standardize their most crucial business processes to improve efficiency and return-on-investment (ROI). This is why enterprise resource planning or ERP software is becoming a go-to solution for companies of all sizes. And such systems that are scalable and can cover front-end to back-end processes tend to be favorites among businesses.

Why Odoo?

Aside from learning about the product, it’s just as important to know the vendors behind them. Because of many important reasons we decided to choose the Odoo company ecosystem as the main core of our ERP system.

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Odoo Specifications

Unified ERP Solution

Odoo is an ERP solution that unifies sales and project management, eCommerce, POS, and MRP in a single tool. But not only that, but the system also integrates with a wide array of sales channels and business management solutions so you can successfully run your key processes.

All in one ERP

Odoo allows running entire business and operations without needing any other software. It is perfect for growing and established companies where owners juggle operations, customer management, finance, human resources, and more. Its open-source model leverages the talent of thousands of developers and experts to build applications within the Odoo environment.

Easy To Extend

Odoo ensures high usability across all the Odoo apps. Whether you want a single application for CRM or an entire family of software working together to run your business, Odoo can provide an app for that. You can start by exploring Odoo’s productivity tools, which include apps needed for your projects. Take advantage of timesheets, communication apps, planning tools, marketing features, and much more.

Manage/Monitor Business

With Odoo it's easy to manage your expanding customer database using the CRM and Sales apps. For companies looking to streamline their already busy operations, Odoo also offers programs to manage and monitor various parts of your business. You can use systems specifically developed for HR, manufacturing, inventory, projects, accounting, and more.

High modularity

The modular approach to app development can accommodate community apps, such as Shopify Connect, WooCommerce, Office 365, and more. Currently, there are more than 23,000 third-party apps available that integrate seamlessly with native Odoo applications

Mobile Friendly

Odoo is also available on Android and iOS. These mobile applications allow you to access your Odoo apps right on your mobile devices. The applications’ interfaces are optimized for smaller screens. That means you can manage various aspects of your business using your mobile phone.

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