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Viraweb123 history

In ViraWeb123 we have been doing what we best do for 10 years, be friends with our clients, learn, and become such an important part of their business that we can design and engineer adequate solutions for their needs.

From the start, we dedicate ourselves 100% to Pluf, a PHP framework. We developed this platform and have made a Site builder named Viraweb which is a powerful and robust tool for designing customized websites.

Some UI parts of Viraweb are strongly under development to make it more user-friendly.

Get acquainted with  Odoo company

As we are always searching and going through the latest technologies and tools we suddenly got acquainted with Odoo company and its ERP platform. Because of some similarities to our work, we realized we could be better successful if we shift to this platform and try to customize and merge it with our work. So we  switched to Odoo  and just after a few months we have an incredible progressing in learning and using that to fix the needs of our customers. We are thanks to the Odoo team because of making such an excellent platform.  In fact, considering that we provided apps and modules that have benefited our clients and partners around the world, we are the biggest technical ally of Odoo

Odoo, The best ERP Solution 

As we grow, customers become more and more complex. So we`ve been decided to help our customers with  Odoo . We customize the Odoo and develop modules based on our customer's business follows.

Developing Application

We start with a team like a startup company and soon become a group of professionals in software development. We develop several open-source and commercial applications.


IT, Software and web development department

Mostafa Barmshory

Mostafa,  With an excellent history of working in the computer and network security industry, PHP, Bash, Graphics Processing Unit, Java and many other skills he is the leader of IT/Software and Web department.

Masood Zarei

Masood, for many years he has been a core of our Software and Web development team. He is a hard worker and always is about to learn new knowledge. Every hard work will be easy when he is there.

Ali Abdollahi

Ali, With great knowledge of IT and network management he is our IT manager. Also, he is our graphist and does wonderful designing. With good knowledge, he is also one of our best market strategists.

Mohammad Hadi Mansouri

Hadi, a full-stack software developer, web designer, market analyzer, and many other fantastic skills. With a wide range of experiences, He is the heart of the team and always finds a way to every work and problem.

Accounting department

Salman Heydari

Salman, with great knowledge and experience in accounting knowledge he is one of the main consultants and has an important role in our Odoo ERP customization.

Zynab Azizi

Zynab, with a high degree of talent, initiative, and knowledge about accounting she is playing a major role in analyzing businesses requirements and customizing Odoo ERP.

Mohsen Khalvati

He is one of the main members of our team with his sharpness and useful experiences in the field of industrial accounting. He is hardworking, active, and loves accounting and Odoo ERP platform.

Hosein Navard Angiz

Hosein, with more than 10 years of experience in accounting/business he is very familiar with different aspects of customers' real requirements. He is an Odoo lover.