Types of ERP by Implementation

There are also different operational types of ERP software:

  • On-premise ERP: This is ERP software that is deployed directly on your in-site devices. These systems are designed for businesses of all sizes though may be more appropriate for small and medium companies.

  • Open Source ERP: Like any open-source software, this solution lets you inspect, modify, and enhance your ERP source code. Using an open-source ERP lets you customize your application to better suit your workplace.

  • Cloud-based ERP: Any ERP Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) which is available over a Cloud-hosting service rather than on-premise deployment. This option lets you access real-time data as long as you have Internet access and is suitable for large enterprises.

  • Hybrid ERP: Enterprise resource planning systems that blend on-premise and Cloud-based deployment.

Cloud-based ERP software is ideal for companies with multiple locations which need to stay in coordination with one another. Wondering which is right for your business? Contact Software Connect for ERP software recommendations specific to your business!

Types of ERP by Implementation
ویراوب ۱۲۳, مصطفی برمشوری 18 August, 2021
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Types of ERP by Industry